The Federation studies that Spain plays in San Mamés before the Euro'20


«We value the option. We do not know what will happen, but the option we value it ». José Francisco Molina, sporting director of the Federation, opened Thursday the door to a match of the Spanish national team in Bilbao before the Eurocup 2020 in which he will play a minimum of two duels at San Mamés in case of qualifying. With two victories in his first matches and a solo leader in Group F, he has made a good start on the road to the tournament.

The option for Luis Enrique's team to get used to San Mamés in a qualifying game is ruled out because all the venues are already assigned. But nevertheless, Two friendly matches are planned for the tournament in March. There Bilbao appears as a possible scenario. "We'll see what happens", Molina has avoided in the third edition of the Bilbao International Football Summit.

The Federation analyzes the option for La Roja to get used to the climate of San Mamés before the competition matches. It is even likely that the national team will use the facilities of Lezama before the tournament. "It's something we've talked about, but it's not decided yet."

Molina is not afraid of the reception that the team will have in Bilbao. «I hope it is well received, but it is also an unknown because the selection has not played here for a long time ». The team has not stepped on San Mamés since they won 3-0 against Turkey in 1967.

Two matches of the European Championship

San Mamés will be the only field in Spain that will host matches of the Eurocup 2020, the first one that will host cities from 12 different countries of the continent. Bilbao will host three games of the group stage (15, 20 and 24 June and one eighth, the 28). Spain is guaranteed two meetings in the Cathedral that could be raised to four if the circumstances match.

The presence of Molina in Bilbao served to reiterate the position of the Federation on the continuity in the selection of Luis Enrique. «It affects us all, but the trust is total. We are convinced that he will soon be with us again in the matches. There is no deadline or deadline because our coach is Luis Enrique. Unfortunately, he is in a difficult moment and has our full support. We wait for what is decided at the time and we hope that sooner rather than later he can be with us, "he said.

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