The fiasco in Europe still bitter Messi

Leo Messi is depressed and has a hard time smiling. And when he does, the gesture seems forced. The scramble for the elimination in Liverpool has left him touched, unable to keep his word given at the beginning of the season when he promised the return of «that beautiful and desired cup». An assertion impossible to fulfill after the unexpected bump in Anfield. The Argentine star did not celebrate the goal against Getafe last weekend, he left the field without dismissing the fans and did not attend the Gala of the League on Tuesday, which had been recognized as top scorer in the history of the competition. His dejection would not allow it. «I know that Messi is a bit affected. They have been convulsive days. I do not think he will leave Barcelona, ​​I do not think he has any chance of winning the Champions League. It is the best footballer in the history of the League and deserves a tribute in life. There will never be such a one again, "Javier Tebas apologized.

This Thursday Leo Messi did show himself, but keeping a serious face, during the delivery of the «Cross of Sant Jordi», an annual award granted by the Generalitat to those people and social entities that "for their merits have rendered outstanding services to Catalonia in the defense of its identity especially in the civic and cultural field ». Suggested by Barcelona, ​​the Ministry of Culture accepted the proposal that was endorsed by the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council.

The Govern justified his election with words of praise for the Argentine footballer of Barça: "For his fabulous sports career, which has led him to be recognized as the best footballer of all time. In a mass sport like football, Leo Messi embodies such fundamental social attributes as humility, honesty, learning, creativity, sense of team and respect ». In addition, the contribution of the Rosario Foundation in a project together with the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital against childhood cancer has also been taken into account.

From the Generalitat stands out that it has not been an ethical impediment the fact that, in 2016, Leo Messi was sentenced to 21 months in prison for defrauding the Treasury. But inside it still boils anger over the elimination of a Champions League in which he was already in the final of the Metropolitan. In his record, only four Leagues of Champions shine, relatively poor baggage for the best footballer of all time who has seen Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid win three consecutive.

As usual, the act of delivering the Cross of Sant Jordi was politicized and ended with a proclamation in favor of imprisoned politicians, although Messi stayed on the sidelines at all times.

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