The film "Damn 1882" recreates the great journey of Jacint Verdaguer to Aneto


Everything points to the fact that poet Jacint Verdaguer is the father of Catalan hiking. This is what the documentary film vindicates and defends Damn 1882, the adventure of Jacint Verdaguer in Aneto, directed by Albert Naudín and starring actor Lluís Soler.

The film, which will come to theaters this Friday, recreates the great crossing and adventure of the Pyrenees of Verdaguer and his rise to the Damned (Aneto), with a fictional part and another with Bernat Gasull, author of the book Damn (Verdaguer Edicions, 2015) as a narrator. Damn 1882 is produced by FilmeXplora with associated production of the Jacint Verdaguer Foundation and the participation of TV3.

Albert Naudín declared yesterday that when he read Bernat Gasull's book on Verdaguer he was surprised to discover that behind the poet there was a character that "could be considered the father of hiking and mountaineering in Catalonia", since the poet goes Do the first hikes through the Pyrenees and climb the first summits.

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