February 14, 2020

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The first German Netflix film "Isi & Ossi"

JEvery fairy tale house book knows: royal daughters, even idiots, always come to their prince, be it through detours. As is well known, one was even too clumsy to play with her gold ball: a frog had to get the toy out of the well for her, a favor for which the rescuer secured table and bed access at once. But even here it was enough to pepper the slick cattle on the wall and a prince jumped out. In broad outline (and without the psychoanalytic substructure), this is also the story of the first German original film on the streaming portal Netflix, which so far has only had a few series produced in this country. However, the fairy tale "Isi & Ossi", tailored to the YouTube generation in style and language, which can be translated with "Tussi and Assi" (both quite cute), is obviously to do to reverse the bourgeois reading direction. The princess now throws herself against the wall and becomes a frog because happiness can also be found in the pool. Take that, Rich Kids!

As the chief author of "Bad Banks" you should have had a shot free at Netflix. It is all the more surprising that Oliver Kienle (writer and director), who even knows how to win dramatic gold from investment banking gibberish, uses a romantic cliché comedy in which poor and rich collide in such a cheap way. A sociological depth analysis doesn't always have to be. But where the biggest problem of the unequal distribution of wealth is: "I would always feel anti-social next to you", you should not be surprised if the film does not get beyond the message "Friendship is more important than money". Some touching scenes succeed, but only because of the great commitment of the as yet unspent but already experienced main actors: Lisa Vicari, who was part of “Hanni & Nanni” as a child, recently gave Martha in “Dark” at Netflix; Dennis Mojen also shone in numerous television productions.

From the first minute, it looks as if Kienle has slipped on the contrast control. Isi's family is so rich that it is a joke again, just not a particularly good one (the bored billionaires, who have garage-sized garages full of vintage cars and sell their lives with laughable art), while on the other hand the fighter Ossi, who does everything for his always indebted family would do out of amiable proletarians, must succeed as a boxer.

The fact that the heroine, annoyed by her privileges, is said to have the “IQ of a gummy bear” is not only not very credible, but also reduces the tension between the characters, because in this case the frog is stupid, so to speak. In order to escape the training expectations of the parents (Hans-Jochen Wagner, Christina Hecke) without being cut off from the cash flow, Isi switches to teenage rebellion, becomes a burger roaster in a grubby snack bar and, badly damaged, joins in with the most broken guy they find can, at least to the pretense: "Can you please kiss me really anti-social?" Ossi, in turn, was pushed by her own mother (Lisa Hagmeister) to this connection ("You can easily get it around"), because a few thousand people can be gurgled out of it , Ergo, there are charming false kisses. You know how it ends.

Kienle thinks the tired opposition from smart Heidelberg and dirty Mannheim is extremely funny, only enter the rich brats with pepper spray, but where the more blatant parties rise. It becomes really flat with the secondary characters. Ossi's kind-hearted macho buddy (Walid Al-Atiyat) ceaselessly grabs his mother, Isi's best friend (Zoë Straub) is the most spoiled Instagram goat on the planet, and Ossi's gaunt-tested, happy racist grandpa has reached the humorous low point, as much as Ernst Stötzner is struggles to somehow get the idiotic idea of ​​a late gangsta rapper career. The slapstick numbers take up so much space because the basic plot itself does not clearly carry the film. And of course you can play with clichés, overturn them, turn against yourself, but “Isi & Ossi” never achieves such an ironic break. All stereotypes seem to have been undermined. At most, it can be stated that poor and rich are parodied equally badly here.

If the often hair-raising dialogues ("If you are rich, you can do anything you want. But don't do it because you are disabled") results in the sentence "Because that's the fucking life" after almost two hours only the resigned conclusion that this glaring Netflix premium, which underestimates its actually great actors and does not even go through as a gender-appropriate "Pretty Woman" remake, hardly means the hoped-for epoch change for the German mainstream film comedy. Too bad.

Isi & Ossi is available on Netflix from today.

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