The first meeting between the illegitimate daughter of Alberto of Belgium and his brother, King Philippe

Delphine Böel and king Philippe of Belgium

King Philippe from Belgium and Delphine Böel, the illegitimate daughter of the emeritus king of Belgium, met for the first time. Earlier this month it was decided in court that, after seven years of legal battle, Delphine would be entitled to receive the title of princess of Belgium and to inherit her father’s nicknames.

The king and sister issued a joint statement, explaining their interest in Delphine really being part of the family. “On Friday, October 9, we met for the first time at Laeken Palace. It was a warm meeting. This extensive and special conversation gave us the opportunity to get to know each other. We talked about our own lives and our common interests. This bond will continue to develop in a family context ”, can be read in the statement.

It is thus clear that Philippe wants the relationship with the new princess of Belgium to become as normal as possible and not just a court decision, stressing, however, that it will remain in a private context.

It should be recalled that it was last January that the court recognized that Delphine is the biological daughter of Alberto of Belgium, having granted her the title of princess and family surnames at the beginning of October.

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