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The opening scene is complete for sports.olympic in Tokyo after having to postpone the competition for a year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. and for Thailand There have been athletes through the selection. Grab a ticket to this tournament as well. One of which is Nong Thip-Orawan Pharanang A girl from Ubon Ratchathani Province One of the second Thai national table tennis players in Thailand after Ying-Suthasinee Sawetbutr, a senior who won a ticket to compete in the women’s singles category.

Check out the program to cheer for Thai athletes today and win Panipak-Ramanrong to win gold.

“Jutamas” won the 23rd Thai Olympic ticket from women’s boxing

Minister of Sports joins the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games, cheering on Taekwondo and winning gold

For Orawan Paranang, currently 24 years old, can win tickets to the Olympic Games for the first time in his life. After defeating a racer from the Philippines Won the women’s singles championship in Southeast Asia

But before Nong Thip-Orawan Paranang was glorious in the national team athletes. I must say that he is another example of the person. who does not give up on trying even though he was born into a poor family. Nong Thip has a lot of determination and effort. Until becoming a youth national team at the age of 15 only, then at the age of 18, he enters the national team.

Works of Orawan Paranang

– SEA Games 2015 Silver Medal, Women’s Team

– 2017 Women’s Singles and Women’s Team Championship in Table Tennis Golden Racket 2017 in Vietnam

– SEA Games 2019 gold medal, women’s doubles category

– Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo, Japan

These are just some of the interesting works presented. But today I have to help Orawan Paranang, one of the 42 athletes of the Thai national team, showing off their skills and winning in this Olympics.

image from AFP

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