It has emerged that Google is working on a redesign of the power-up menu in Android 11 that houses smart home checks and payment cards and NFC passes. However, it appears that the company is finally adding the latter functionality to Android 10 after some teasing that suggested the existence of the functionality. The first Pixel users on the Android 10 stable report having seen their Google Pay wallet in the power menu.

The redesigned interface moves familiar shortcuts (shutdown, reboot, screenshot, emergency) to the bottom of the screen to make room for large previews of your payment cards to the top, similar to the main Google Pay screen. You can swipe left and right to sift through them and select which one you want to use. On top of the cards, a “Hold to reader” tip clarifies how to use them.

Left: The new power menu in action. Quite right: The accompaniment settings panel currently not populated.

You can access a corresponding settings panel on any Pixel phone by starting “ $ GlobalActionsPanelSettingsActivity” with the help of an activity launcher, but for most people, this only shows a placeholder animation . Some of us at AP may also find the panel by looking for “show cards and steps” in the system settings, but it doesn’t work for everyone. (This is already available in Android Q / 10 beta.) Google could currently test the new power menu with a small random user base before a larger implementation. It is certainly possible that the feature is locked in the area and accessible only to Pixel owners at the beginning.

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