The first statements of Alexei Navalny after the poisoning

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny wrote his first public statements since he was poisoned in Russia in an Instagram post. Navalny has published a photo of him in the hospital in Berlin, where he has been hospitalized since 22 August. In the caption of the photo he says that he is better and that since September 14 he has been able to breathe independently: «Yesterday I was able to breathe alone all day. I didn’t use any outside help. I loved it. It is an amazing process that many people take for granted ».

Until a few days ago, Navalny had been in a pharmacological coma and his health conditions were considered by doctors to be very serious. Meantime he said to a German official that he does not want to remain in exile in Germany and that he wants to return to Russia when he gets better.

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Navalny’s statements come after German government spokesman Steffen Seiber on Monday He said that analyzes conducted by laboratories in Sweden and France had confirmed that he had been poisoned with a dangerous nerve agent, novichok, developed by Russia in the 1980s and 1990s and already used in the past to poison the Russian president’s opponents.

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