The first vaccine delivery is not even enough for a quarter of all the elderly in Basel – Baselland – Basel – resp

Three numbers are enough to show the dilemma: 14,000 corona vaccine doses with the active ingredient from Pfizer / Biontech have so far been guaranteed by the federal government in Baselland due to the size of the population. Because everyone has to be vaccinated twice, that’s enough for 7,000 people. However, 31,000 people who are 75 or older live in the Basel area alone and should therefore be vaccinated first. “The supply is much smaller than the demand. This is a lot of pressure, which for many people who want to be vaccinated, but also for us, is difficult to bear », says Samuel Erny. The canton doctor therefore asks primarily for patience.

For 142 elderly people, however, the wait was over this Monday. They were the first to receive the coveted vaccination from midday in the new Basel vaccination center in the middle of the field vineyard in Muttenz. A good 5,000 people born in 1945 or older were able to secure an appointment for the first cantonal registration round at the end of December and will make a pilgrimage to Muttenz over the next two weeks. For this purpose, mobile vaccination teams have been on the road for a week and have so far vaccinated around 200 residents of retirement and nursing homes in Basel. The aim is for all 3000 residents of the nursing home to have received the first dose of vaccine by January 22nd and that the second dose can be started.

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Most of those willing to vaccinate vaccinated until early summer?

The infrastructure is immense, which was built at Muttenzer Stegackerstrasse 10 in the immediate vicinity, but clearly separated from the clarification and test station Feldreben. Up to 1000 vaccinations per day are possible, according to today’s media tour with Erny, crisis team leader Patrik Reiniger and health director Thomas Weber. It is also planned to open a second vaccination center in the middle / end of January in the Stutz multi-purpose hall in Lausen. It is currently being clarified whether a West Center would be possible in the Laufen Cantonal Hospital. 3000 vaccinations per day are totally feasible. “But it makes no sense to open additional centers in advance without there being enough vaccine,” said Weber on the sidelines of the event.

However, the government council believes that the federal government will soon allow a second vaccine. The Moderna is then available in larger quantities and does not have to be stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius like the Pfizer. In Muttenz, refrigerators are already available for both variants. “I am confident that we will be able to vaccinate the majority of the population willing to vaccinate by early summer,” says Weber.

90 percent of the corona deaths were over 75

It was not possible to find out when further vaccination appointments could be booked on the canton website or by telephone. The registration window should be communicated 48 hours in advance. Which groups of people are admitted and when is based on federal regulations. The over 75-year-olds are followed by high-risk patients, then over 65 and only then the health staff. The reason for this is simple: 90 percent of the corona deaths in Baselland were older than 75.

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