The first woman of the Snodo of the Bishops: "In the Church there are abuses to religious and much pain"


She, along with two other sisters and a laywoman, are the first women to be part of the General Secretariat of the Snodo, which historically has been composed only of bishops


Mara Luisa Berzosa, one of the women who participate in the Snodo de los Bishops

The Spanish nunMara Luisa Berzosa, one of the first women who will participate as consultants in the nextSnodo of the Bishops, has recognized that within the Church there are abuses against women and "much pain" andhas urged to "open the wound and remove everything inside" to be able to heal.

In an interview, Berzosa has expressed his surprise and cheers for this appointment,at the proposal of the Pope, as a consultant in the General Secretariat of the Snodo de los Bishops –Meeting of prelates from countries around the worldwhich seeks to encourage their participation in the issues that affect the Church – and to be held from next October.

She,along with two other religious and a laywoman, are the first women to be part of the General Secretariat of the Snodo, which historically has been composed only of bishops, andOn this occasion, focus on the evangelization and protection of the Amazon.

This religious from Valladolid, director of theFe y Alegra International Federation, a movement of integral education and social promotion, sees necessary to give a greater visibility to women within the Catholic Church and believes that steps are being taken in this direction"but very slow, very disproportionate to what you should".

Also denouncethe situation of vulnerability in which religious are sometimes foundWithin this Institution: "There are abuses and a lot of pain.I want this to end and collaborate denouncing", has underlined.

Berzosa has referred to the sexual abuse of religious, but also to the "abuses of power, ofsubmission, ofslavery, ofImposition, of not recognizing your person, but beingenslaved or bent"

Abuses that many priests committed from a hierarchical position: "that in the name of my function or my role, I impose this on you and then I silence you, it is doubly terrible", he lamented.

Situations "very painful", but that this religious believes should come to light."It is necessary to open the wound and that everything that is inside and not cover, not cover up, is very urgent and necessary".

"I do a lot of accompaniment of people and when I receive confidences, I say that it can not remain hidden, that it must come to light, because it is a wound that hurts, that bleeds, but that must heal and if it is not brought to light, it is hidden, "he explained.

Berzosa believes thatWithin the Church, much more affective-sexual education is neededand emotional intelligence because you do not take enough care of the person or ask yourself "how you feel, what happens to you or how you handle emotions".

"I'm sorry that it continues uncovering, if it's been done badly,let's fix it for the future. The first step is to take charge of what happened, "he said.

Ensure thatdoes not want a "Snodo de mujeres", but a Snodo "of the People of God", in which there is participation of all the members of the Church, also of the hierarchy, but not only, because in this way the Church will be "a uniform body, which has a lot of head, but which lacks members and is a little manca "

He believes that at the last Snodo de los Jvenes, held last October, "the disproportion between the number of men and women was very palpable, as there10 superior generals who had a voice and vote, in front of a general superior who, moreover, could not vote.

"That disproportion is seen just by looking at the classroom, no statistics are needed," he lamented.

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