Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

The fleeting plan of the bitcoin of Kodak

The world virtual , within the algorithm and the encryption, until now it continues in an evolutionary process. Certainly since the incorporation of technology in our existences, and everyday life, we are still ruminating the terminology. For some people the learning , is a permanent test, within the technological universe. Although we are proficient in several applications – between the recent updates and the addition of several tools, to each of the platforms – we are stuck in the permanent, and unfinished, teaching of the modernity . In the workplace, disruptive action is a challenge for human beings, since some do not have 80% of knowledge, of all programs that they use on a daily basis at work.

Without a doubt the advance has helped to communicate “adequately”, however, there is still much to know, and to put into practice to insert the technology [VIDEO] in a frank and objective way.

He market and the market niches, likewise, have been affected by the diversification and rapidity of the technological medium. The movements in bank accounts can be done from the comfort of your room, or from an island paradise – while there net – everything is possible. Likewise, the working day has changed its physical address, by a virtual one, so that the workers work on a project, without leaving home. And today, the mining of data [VIDEO] has undoubtedly slowed down the market for bitcoin , this magnificent conjunction between the information and the added value that it gives to companies all over the world, is a matter of fiction, expressed without pleonasmos in the reality .

The fall in initial plan

In the present all seek ways to enter the crypto currency market, which is monopolizing commercial attention, both companies and organizations. In the field of currency digital , many companies still consider themselves skeptical, because it is not a monetary system backed by any bank, or by a set of institutions with their respective regulations. As it is not regulated by commercial and financial agreements, they are still in process with the economies of several countries in the region. world . Having a good project, and knowing how to handle being a virtual currency, can prevent the demise of a good plan.

Kodak without official license

The company Spotlite USA has exhibited in January of 2018 , a Bitcoin mining computer, with the name of Kodak KashMiner . The purpose of said machine , was that people could rent it for the extraction of crypto – coins, based on the resolution of complex mathematical problems for the consequent verification of the transactions, the victorious miners, would be rewarded with bitcoins for the effort.

The initial fee for the rental of a KashMiner – 3,400 (£ 2,500) approximately – would provide the customer with a cut of any bitcoin produced. However, Kodak said he never got an official license and the dispositives they were never installed. The preliminary plan was part of the crypto – currency fever and was never carried out, it just remained on an unfinished web page.

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