The flight ban introduced two weeks ago expires today. From tomorrow on the list of 30 countries?

This time, the draft regulation did not include an exact list of countries. However, as we read in the document, the prohibition of flights is to cover countries where the rate of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants exceed 90 (the last 14 days are taken into account). It is worth adding that so far the list has included countries where this ratio has exceeded 60. As the deputy minister of infrastructure said last Thursday, in Poland it is just over 20 cases.

No flights. Will the list include 30 countries?

– The draft provides for the prohibition of landing civilian aircraft carrying passengers carrying international flights from airports located on the territory of countries at airports entered in the register of civil airports and landing sites entered in the landing field records, in which the rate in the 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, as a rule, exceeds 90, based on data published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the project wrote.

As previously announced the flight ban from September 16 to September 29 may be included: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Spain, Moldova, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Maldives, Qatar, Lebanon, Libya, Bahamas, Belize, Guatemala, USA, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile , Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Namibia and Cape Verde.

No flights. What about the Canary Islands?

Yesterday, on Polsat News, the deputy minister of infrastructure was asked why the government did not agree to the postulates of the tourism industry, which wanted to divide Spain into a continental and an island part, especially when it comes to Canary IslandsHorała replied: Not all Polish tourism is located on the Canary Islands.

– In fact, from the point of view of Polish tourism, the bigger problem is that, due to the flight ban, no guests come to us – he pointed. He explained that it is more important for us that it is a Polish hotelier, Polish restaurateur, Polish retailer that earns.

He argued that dividing Spain into regions would be difficult also because unfortunately the european center for communicable diseases does not keep regional statistics. – And we have to rely on proven, reliable and comparable statistics, because the interested countries themselves, and especially interested tourist regions, may tend to a certain creative approach to these statistics or even just use a different methodology that is incomparable – he said, explaining that there is currently no reason to divide the country.

Despite the ban on flights, charters remain

Similar to the previous regulation the ban on flights is not to apply, inter alia, to planes chartered in before the entry into force of the regulation on behalf of the tour operator or entity acting on his behalf.

Moreover, a sub-item was added stating that the ban will not also apply to flights from airports located in the territory of the countries that have notified the Republic of Poland of the introduction of solutions ensuring that only passengers to whom a diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 was performed with a negative result.

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