The flooding of the village near Přerov is being investigated by the police. The sluice gate was closed

“In connection with the flooding of a part of the village, the Přerov police initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing a crime of general danger due to negligence,” police spokesman Libor Hejtman told Práva on Friday.

According to him, the police officers are checking in particular whether the obligations arising from the operating rules of the sluice gate on the weir at the Kaláb mill on the Olešnice river have not been neglected.

“During heavy rains on Wednesday evening, the sluice remained closed, which caused the river to exit its bed and subsequently flood the surrounding fields and some streets in the village,” said the spokesman.

The water flooded about 70 houses in Brodek, and fifteen fire brigades intervened on the spot.

“People from the affected houses could use alternative accommodation provided by the municipality, but no one did. We evacuated three people, they used accommodation in a family, “Lucie Balážová, a spokeswoman for the fire brigade, told Práva.

According to Hejtman, no one has been charged yet. The potential culprit would face up to two years in prison.

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