The flu vaccine disaster

The scandals follow one another and are not alike at the Ministry of Health. Every day, when we thought we had hit rock bottom, the lights of this ministry succeed, all the same, in wowing their world.

Among other problems which plague the work of this ministry, the communication which leaves much to be desired and which resembles, much more of the cacophony, than a professional and orderly communication of a department anxious to be made respect.

In the Ministry of Health, everyone and everyone speaks up and says anything and everything, about all subjects. Those that concern him and that he masters or not.

Every day we have new faces appearing through the small window to pretend to be modern-day heroes. Everyone would like to appropriate a piece of the merit of the fight against Covid. Doctors who were once anonymous are hardly absent from TV screens and social networks.

The ministry itself is unable to channel this flow of information and counter information. Everything is mixed and everyone wants to have a say and above all to be right. And in the face of all that, the ministry remains inert, to be observed, without intervening, to rectify the situation.

However, communication, when it comes to a subject as important and as serious as the Covid, must be mastered and well controlled, so as not to spread nonsense and to prevent anyone from giving their opinion. on a file which must be the exclusive preserve of the ministry.

The typical example of the disasters caused by this hazardous communication, the problem of vaccines against the seasonal flu. We remember that a prominent researcher from the Ministry of Health, who was torn from his laboratory to make him the star of TV shows, had strongly advised, a few months ago, to all Tunisians to be vaccinated against seasonal flu and especially patients with chronic diseases. He even insisted on the fact that the vaccination would be highly beneficial to them and in particular prevent them from catching, at the same time, Covid-19 and the flu. Suddenly, people remembered that this vaccination was necessary and everyone rushed to the pharmacies to fight in order to obtain this elixir which suddenly became a source of life.

As a result, the doses imported by the ministry, which did not consider it useful to bring back in sufficient quantity, were torn from the pharmacies in a few hours. It was therefore necessary to import a second batch. Above all, it was necessary to bring out what was believed to be the heavy artillery in terms of communication, to convince the Tunisian that being vaccinated against the flu did not protect at all against the Covid. But it was too late and the blow was gone.

Now the Ministry of Health is faced with a rather delicate dilemma. Namely to import, even more vaccine against the flu, while everyone knows that they do not protect against the Covid or to leave the panic-stricken citizens looking for a vaccine. Especially since those who got the doses that there were, did not really need them. Suddenly, these are the people who really use it remained on the floor.

Nobody, in all this, had the idea to ask this illustrious researcher what fly stung him to make such remarks?

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