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The football world is tackled by Součka. He found support for legends, and the Czech ambassador spoke

Saturday’s Fulham London derby with West Ham (0: 0) was not very interesting. It was only at the very end that a moment came that sparked a huge wave of resentment. 74 minutes into the game, Mike Dean had to leave the pitch due to a knee injury. Tomáš Souček saw her! But for what?

The support of the “Hammers” had to enter the showers prematurely for an elbow strike.

Unwanted blow, no aggression, let alone blood at the opponent. Nevertheless, the video referee and then the main arbitrator intervened. The afflicted Aleksandar Mitrovich himself soon showed that this was not the intention of Souček. In vain. “It was an accident,” coach David Moyes said at a news conference. “I’m embarrassed. I think it’s an embarrassing decision,” he added.

While West Ham officials were still trying to choose a diplomatic tone, celebrities did not take napkins in post-match analyzes and on the Internet. Souček did not catch it, but the judge.

“What did he see there?” asked Jamie Redknapp, a legend of the English national team and Liverpool, and immediately remarked that football is moving in a direction that no one can like with these verdicts. His former partner Jamie Carragher added: “This was not the intention!”

Coufal’s bad luck
The match with Fulham could be decided by the second Czech footballer in the West Ham jersey. However, Vladimír Coufal hit the crossbar with his head.

In a similar spirit, one could go on and on. “I can’t find anyone here who thinks it’s a red card. How can both Lee Mason and Mike Dean see it as red?” former English footballer and now acclaimed expert and commentator Gary Lineker commented on the situation.

Soccer gentleman

Tomáš Berdych, for example, also spoke. “Why do you have that VAR?” asked the former top tennis player.

West Ham officials have not yet decided whether to protest. If they could cancel the red card, the situation would be really bizarre. Dean has already failed in the last match, when he expelled Jan Bednarek from Southampton (in a 0: 9 loss to Manchester United). His sentence has been deleted…

Incident report
“Everyone who knows me knows that I never want to hurt my opponent. Aleksandar himself told me that it was in a fair spirit. Only the referee had a different opinion.”

In the meantime, the Czech ambassador to London also took part in the discussion. Libor Sečka did not want to rate the red card, but pointed out that Souček always behaved like a football gentleman.

“The football world is on his side,” he wrote on twitter.


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So far, Souček has become the 14th Czech player to be awarded a red card in the Premier League. In the past, she was seen three times in the West Ham jersey by the rebel Tomáš Řepka, Luděk Mikloško and also Radoslav Kováč.

But maybe the football association will reconsider it…

Who is Mike Dean (52)?
If we look at the history of the aged arbitrator, we will find that he is a declared supporter of the imposition of punishments. He has no mercy with a whistle in his mouth, as the only judge in the history of the competition he has already eliminated a hundred players. On the other hand… He often acts like an extrovert who enjoys a football show (and tries to contribute to it himself). This makes him the funniest referee today, a title he is proud of. Former Czech goalkeeper Petr Čech also remembered Dean: “I just politely asked what he ordered a penalty for. And I already had a yellow card!”

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