The forces of Maduro occupy the Parliament with a strong police and military operation


The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and several deputies have denounced the attempted "kidnapping" of the National Assembly by Nicolás Maduro with a strong police operation deployed on Tuesday in Parliament.

We denounce to the world that the dictatorship kidnaps the Legislative Palace of Venezuela. The deputies of the @AsambleaVE remain on the site to fulfill their duty and their commitment to Venezuelans. # ANPorVenezuela- National Communication Center (@Presidencia_VE)

May 14, 2019Under the alleged threat of an explosive device, the security forces of Nicolás Maduro entered the Legislative Palace and prevented the deputies from holding their Capitol, so Guaidó had to suspend the activity.

The irregular taking of the Capitol by the bodies of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) took place this Tuesday from 8 in the morning.

Guaidó, also president of the National Assembly, warned that "today they are trying to kidnap the palace, we clearly notice that it is an attempt to close the Federal Legislative Palace."

He added that "he believes that the Power is in the buildings, in the drawers, in a bunch of keys. The Power that they once had lost when they lost the People. And this AN was elected by the people and will defend its legitimacy! "

He described Maduro's regime as a "coward as it is, he makes his gang of political persecution threaten, not only the deputies elected by the people, but also the workers of the Assembly."

"They try to kidnap the Legislative Power while the dictator entrenches himself alone, in a Palace where he should not be, suspecting everyone around him. Today he again demonstrates his fear of the legitimacy of the parliament, "he said.

Harassment of the legislative power
The agenda of the parliamentary session included three topics: the debate on the disappearance of the first vice-president of the Assembly, Edgar Zambrano, who has been missing for more than 124 hours since he was towed by the Sebin inside his car, and the discussion about hunting of witches that Maduro has undertaken, of the illegitimate arrests, persecutions and raids against the deputies.

They also discussed the destruction of purchasing power and salary and, thirdly, the draft agreement to re-establish the validity of the American convention on human rights.

It is a dissolution of the parliament in slow motion. Since the opposition won the legislatures in 2015, the Maduro regime has tried more than 30 times to dissolve the National Assembly with unlawful and illegal sentences issued by the Chavista Supreme Court of Justice and has lashed out against more than 70 deputies. (tagsToTranslate) parliament (t) kidnapping


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