The former president of Granada Paco Sanz, admitted by COVID-19, evolves favorably

Paco Sanz, former president of Granada, 47, has been hospitalized by COVID-19 since Sunday in a hospital in Madrid. The former president already regretted, last Saturday, the death of his father Lorenzo Sanz because of this disease. Paco was admitted the following day after suffering symptoms throughout the week, especially a high fever that was “bearable” at first, in his own words, but which ended up adding to other consequences of the infection. He went to the coronavirus tests three times, but they were denied this step on all of them because he still did not present a serious picture. The situation was complicated and he even had to go through the ICU before being on the ground in the last hours.

The Sanz family is suffering an ordeal. The death of the patriarch, Lorenzo, was a very hard blow. The former president of Real Madrid was at the time benefactor of Granada, a collaboration that began in 2005 with Manuel Benito. This impulse coincided with the landing of his son Paco. In that season, the Nasrid team achieved promotion from Third to Second B.

Then came two and a half campaigns at that level. In the first, the rojiblancos saved the category with difficulty. In the second, with a higher investment, they were one step away from playing the qualifying rounds to go up to the ‘silver division’. In the third, a priori continuity of the project, the economic problems came. Sanz was forced to resign to make way for a manager, with Ignacio Cuerva at the helm, after which the era of Pozzo and Pina would come.


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