the former producer has found a financial agreement to settle all his civil suits, according to the American press


Such an agreement, which has not yet been signed, does not concern the criminal prosecution of Harvey Weinstein, who is charged with raping two women.

Some of the legal consequences of the Harvey Weinstein affair will be settled by a financial agreement, say the New York Times and the Wall Street JournaThursday, May 23rd. According to the two American dailies, the former producer has reached an agreement to settle his civil lawsuits, which would involve the payment of $ 44 million. The agreement has not been signed yet.

According to New York Times, quoting three sources close to the case, about 30 of the $ 44 million would be divided between a number of victims of Harvey Weinstein, creditors of his production company and former employees.

The amicable agreement would also cover a procedure initiated by the New York State Attorney, which aimed in particular at ensuring that the alleged victims would be well compensated.

Since October 2017, more than 80 women have publicly accused Harvey Weinstein, 67, former boss of the prestigious Miramax studios, of raping, sexually assaulting or harassing them. In the United States, sexual harassment is liable to civil but not criminal prosecution, the paper explains.

Such an agreement would not exempt Harvey Weinstein from criminal proceedings against him. He was charged in 2018, including rape, for crimes committed in 2006 and 2013 against two different women, and faces life imprisonment. He must be tried in September, and pleads not guilty.

Asked by AFP, spokeswoman Harvey Weinstein declined to comment.

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