The founder of the platform affected by the Vigo-Tui mortgage dies

Carlota Pérez Conde, founder of PAH Vigo-Tui

A serious illness took Carlota Pérez Conde, co-founder of the Platform for People Affected by Mortgage (PAH) Vigo-Tui in just a few days, an entity that was born within the framework of the social movement March 15, 2011. Carlota Pérez was a An authentic reference in the fight for the right to housing and according to his relatives, he had a “great capacity” to reach agreements with banks and avoid evictions, obtaining and negotiating social rents for hundreds of families in Vigo and the Baixo region Miño fundamentally.

“He was an exceptional human being and never gave up”, point out colleagues from the platform. The reactions to his death have not been long in coming. The spokesperson for Marea de Vigo, Rubén Pérez, defines her as a companion, friend and fighter and assures that “we will never forget you.” “One of the essentials left us,” say different social groups in the city.


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