The four candidates for the title are already in Vitoria

First the Turks, which for that play before the semifinals, and then the Russians, who did not fly to the Foronda airport, and finally the Real Madrid, which arrived by bus. The four qualifiers for the Final Four of Vitoria have been guarding weapons since last night in the only five stars of the city. This afternoon they will train in the Buesa Arena and tomorrow will start the fight to raise the most dreamed Cup. "It's the only thing that haunts me at this moment," said Felipe Reyes, captain of the whites, before leaving a villa and court that celebrated San Isidro.

The official acts of the Final Four begin this noon. In the Plaza de España, in a large tent, the mayor, Gorka Urtaran, will welcome Jordi Bertomeu, president and CEO of the Euroleague, and the four coaches: Ataman, Obradovic, Laso and Itoudis.

It is the ceremony that every year gives the kick-off to one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the largest that has been celebrated in Vitoria in its history. Next to the technicians will come a player from each team. Sloukas (Fenerbahce), Micic (Anadolu), Hines (CSKA) and Campazzo (Real Madrid).

Accustomed to be a friendly and relaxed moment in which athletes praise the good work of their rivals and Obradovic, as dean and nine times champion, conducts a small personal show with those who were his pupils, Laso and Itoudis. It will be interesting to see the role that Ataman acquires, with less left hand. «I go back to my city, but you have to be focused on work. 40 years ago when I started playing nobody could even dream of hosting something like that. It's a pride, "said Laso before leaving for his home.

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