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The fourth Fabia is revealed on Škoda’s paintings

Whether you like it or not, the fourth Fabia will be a market hit. Why do we think that? Take a look at the relevant article in our series Phenomenon, where you will learn interesting and versatile statistical data. Plus, since we’ve had the honor of camouflaging prototypes, we’ve found almost everything for you. Feedback? The public simply likes folk škoda.

The new generation will be fully revealed to the world next week, specifically on Tuesday, May 4. According to Škoda Auto representatives, it will be a significantly more emotional car than before. The intergenerational shift should be similarly significant as in the case of the transition from one to two Fabia. After all, thanks to the MQB-A0 platform, the vehicle will grow to a width of 48 millimeters, while to a length of 110 millimeters.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The car grew in length and width

In appearance, it will still be a traditional compact hatchback, although we should expect distinctive edges, generous volumes, clear contrasts, “stretched” body surfaces and side door lines inspired by the Czech flag, or its typical wedge.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The rear LED lamps will be presented in a completely new design

The lamps will be diode, at the back two-piece, a geometric mask, similar to the one worn by the rejuvenated Kodiaq. The silhouette of the windows is underlined by a chrome profile and the sporty design is evoked by a wide rear diffuser. Would you like a color-differentiated roof from the body? If so, we have good news – this option will be available.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The design of the main LED lights is revealed by the published sketch

The premiere of the fourth Fabia knocks on the door as intensely as the scent of spring. Perhaps with the unveiling of the new model, we will also go for a better motoring tomorrow. Before that happens, stay tuned to our garage wave. We always have a full backpack for you and interesting things for you.


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