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The fourth largest carmaker presents its logo. What does Stellantis symbolize?

The newly introduced logo should symbolize the power of fourteen brands under the emerging fourth largest automaker in the world.

The merger of the PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which will hold a 50 percent stake in each other, was officially announced more than a year ago. In July, the newly emerging fourth largest carmaker in the world boasted the official name Stellantis and now publishes its official logo.

This is largely derived from the Latin verb stello, the basis of the name Stellantis, which should literally mean shine with stars. The visual presentation of the title should carry the “spirit of optimism, energy and renewal”, but at the same time it should symbolize “a diverse and innovative society, determined to be one of the leaders in the new era of sustainable mobility”.

The publication of the official logo is another step in the ongoing connection of the two large companies, which will take some time. The final legal steps, which will include the final approval of the shareholders of both companies and the extraordinary general meeting, should then take place at the end of the first quarter of next year.


Following the completion of the merger, Stellantis will become the fourth largest carmaker in the world, with fourteen carmakers under its wing. According to the original information, all of them should be maintained, but it is likely that the supply on various world markets will be adjusted.

According to behind-the-scenes speculation, in the first phase, there should be a reduction in supply in the Chinese market, where some brands, models and platforms will compete unnecessarily. In the following steps, the offer in other world markets could be optimized. Now, however, it is still too early to estimate Stellantis’ future business strategy.


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