The free flu vaccination campaign starts next week

The Ministry of Health has concluded the signing of the contract based on which the first 300,000 doses of influenza vaccine will be delivered, and another one million doses will be delivered in the next period to continue the immunizations.

The distribution of vaccine doses to the public health departments will be done in several installments, as in previous years. The public health departments will send the vaccine doses to the doctors’ offices and to the health units in order to start the immunizations.

“Although the annual procedure based on the framework agreement concluded in 2019 for the purchase of the flu vaccine was completed in March of this year, when I arrived at the ministry no contract was signed. We called for all legal steps to be taken to sign contracts and start the free flu vaccination campaign as a matter of urgency. We have the possibility to increase the amount of vaccine by another 700,000 doses, up to the amount of 2 million doses, depending on the epidemiological evolution and demand “, said the interim Minister of Health, Cseke Attila.

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As part of the Ministry of Health’s free vaccination campaign, people over the age of 65 with chronic diseases, especially respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, institutionalized children and the elderly, medical staff and pregnant women, will be immunized as a matter of priority. according to WHO and ECDC recommendations.

As every year, the campaign of the Ministry of Health will take place in the offices of family doctors and in hospitals.

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According to doctors, a person who has been vaccinated against COVID and belongs to the at-risk categories can also receive the flu vaccine.

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Also, observing the rules of hygiene, frequent washing of hands with soap and water, the use of handkerchiefs for sneezing or coughing, the use of protective masks in crowded places and enclosed spaces are essential for the prevention of diseases due to respiratory diseases.


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