The Friday Sermon on the theme of Reaping the Benefits of the World and the Hereafter with Knowledge

PORTAL JEMBER – Demand science is an obligation for Muslims. It has been widely narrated how glorious the position is science in Islam.

With science, someone can live life easily. Knowledge is a guide by which to know something and act with care.

Only with science then, then the things that are forbidden and that are made lawful by Allah SWT will be known by his servants.

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The benefits of the world are meaningless if obtained in the wrong way. Similarly, the happiness of the hereafter, will not be achieved except with deeds based on science That’s enough.

On Friday sermon This time, the congregation will be taught how important it is science as a provision to navigate a life that is beneficial in this world and in the hereafter.

Following Friday sermon the theme of profiting the world and the hereafter with science, quoted by PORTAL JEMBER from the website of the Islamic Boarding School Lirboyo.

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Sermon I

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Praise be to God, teach man. Anthropology did not know what. From his father Adam until these days. With his ancient knowledge which was still described in the everlasting. Everything is found by its cause, destiny, and will. And he made the night into the day, so he made the night into clothing, and the day into life. So that his creation be spread in the desire of his virtue, and that they may be nourished by it from the breastfeeding of the gat as refreshment


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