Friday, 14 Dec 2018

The game Darwin Project goes Free to Play on PC

Scavengers Studios, the publisher of the game Darwin Project, the Battle Royale in the snow just announced a rather good news, since the title becomes Free to Play on Steam! It becomes free for PC players …

This is indeed great news for PC gamers, because as a reminder the game The Darwin Project was released in Game Preview on the Xbox One console and in Early Access on Steam for about 15 dollars. From now on, the title will be free on PC, as one can already see it by going on Steam.

The Darwin Project becomes free on Steam

The Scavengers Studios said the Xbox One version is still paying off, but he will not forget these players and simply said that the company will provide more information on The Darwin Project on Xbox One with a wave: ” soon “.

Coming back to PC gamers, as good news never comes alone, Scavengers Studios officials announced they would offer many items on April 24, to compensate all players who bought the game on PC. Do not miss this date under any circumstances!

Free to curb the exodus of players to other Battle Royale games

The game was released in March, so some will ask what is it that can push the studio to already change the business model? The reason is probably in forums where we can see that some players complain about a matchmaking longer than in the first days. The reason is very simple, Battle Royale style games have been on the rise lately and games like PUBG and Fortnite, convert the players of other games which inevitably leads the servers to empty and therefore to render the game less exciting.

Scavengers Studios wants to reverse this exodus of players, making the game more interesting and accessible to all markets.

For those who do not know, here is the Darwin Project trailer

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