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The game “Horizon Forbidden West” was so fast on PS5 that it lengthened its load times on purpose | Technology

Unlike what happened in the first installment, loading times are around four or five seconds. He also had his first controversy over the appearance of Aloy, the protagonist of the game.

If there is one thing that the PlayStation 5 consoles promise, it is the short loading times in games. However, these would be so short that Horizon Forbidden West game developers, Guerrilla Games, had to slow them down on purpose.

The reason? The developers wanted players will have enough time to read the tips and suggestions that apply to the loading screen that they used to give from the first installment.

In conversation with Engadget, the director of the game, Mathijs de Jonge, assured that the PS5 version was much faster than expected. “In Horizon Zero Dawn, we had so-called fast travel, but this could take up to a minute to charge,” he said.

“With the PS5, should be between four or five seconds. It loads so fast that players can’t even read the game’s hints,” he commented. However, in early testing they noted that many players were relying on the tips to progress through the story, making the decision to slow down.

However, it does not mean that everyone should read the tips. According to Jonge, his practice has “a very simple feature where you’re left on the loading screen long enough so you can read at least one track while it loads,” but for those who don’t want to wait, you can skip the tips by pressing X.

Likewise, also you can disable pause in settings of the game.

A bearded Aloy?

Another striking fact in the version of the latest Sony console is the visual details of both the landscapes and the characters themselves. However, such resolution even had “scared” in some users.

That was the case of a user on Twitter, who complained because Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon and Horizon Forbidden West, supposed to have a beard.

This, in reference to the common facial hair in women and men, which is usually not visible for a certain distance. That is why the user was the object of laughter, to which many even assured that the Internet user “had not approached a woman in his life.”

On the other hand, players praised that among the PS5 graphics you could see Aloy’s hair.

Check out some reactions to Aloy’s design here:

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