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the game will not make the same mistake as Cyberpunk 2077

Remember, in 2012, the ambitious Cloud studio Imperium Games Corporation launched a Kickstarter campaign with a glimpse of a promising massively multiplayer space simulation: Star Citizen. 8 years have passed since and more than 339 million dollars have been raised and the studio commits the inexplicable.

But where is the beta

Supposed to be released in 2016, initially, Squadron 42, the solo mode of Star Citizen, has been repeatedly rejected, like a certain Cyberpunk 2077. And while a beta phase was supposed to come out in the last quarter of this year 2020, here is Roberts Space Industries removes all mention of it in its roadmap, before giving a slight reason: “Squadron 42 will be ready when it’s ready, and won’t just go out to make an appointment“.

Starring Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman, Squadron 42 was nevertheless one of the spearheads of Star Citizen. And for good reason, when the ambitious simulation game is being updated little by little over the years, its solo part was already sold individually in February 2016, while the latter was nevertheless offered within of its Kickstarter campaign in 2012.

Chris Roberts also took advantage of this little update to reveal that no gameplay, no localization and no assets would be shared instead of the beta. “If we’re showing gameplay that doesn’t spoil now, it’s going to be some important footage and gameplay that we could have used as we approach release..” The studio does not intend to bring a hypothetical new release date either. Nevertheless, he has “high confidence in the remaining time to finish the game at a desired level of quality“. In other words, Squadron 42 shouldn’t be pointing the tip of his nose for a while.

In the meantime, Star Citizen is the best way to discover the gameplay and the technical advancements we are making; you can download a new update every three months with new features and content as well as technological advancements. I hope you get so committed to Star Citizen that Squadron 42 will be here before you know it.” continue Roberts.

Squadron 42 is not the only Roberts Space Industries project to be late. In November 2019, the developers announced the creation of a 40-player multiplayer mode known as “Theaters of War”. A project supposed to be released in early 2020 and which was able to benefit from a closed alpha. However, no beta or release date for a final version has been put forward. Many players have high expectations of Star Citizen and side projects. It remains to be seen if the final version of the title will ever be released, and in what condition. But Cyberpunk 2077 the shows, releasing a game in a poorly optimized version after months of hype can have dramatic consequences, both on the stock market and for the image of the studio.

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