The Generalitat admits the deterioration of the Cathedral of Valencia but discards the imminent risk of collapse

Two days after it transpired in the media the state of deterioration of the renancentista facade of the Cathedral of Valencia, affected by termites and humidity, the Directorate General of Culture and Heritage of the Generalitat Valenciana has sent this Wednesday to a team of technicians to make a first visual assessment of the state of the known as Arcada Nova.

Although the architect of the Seo Valencia, Santiago Vila, sent a request for urgent repair of the affected area five years ago, the Generalitat insists that it has not been aware until this week of a possible risk of collapse of the structure of the century XVI.

Sources of the Ministry of Culture have explained that in the visit of Thursday the technical team has been accompanied by the heads of heritage of the Cabildo and, after the ocular inspection, "have dismissed that there is imminent risk of collapse in the Arcade Nova of the Cathedral of Valencia ». The department headed by Vicent Marzà admits, however, that the technicians "have confirmed the existence of the deterioration of some roof beams that have to be repaired quickly."

Likewise, the same sources have stressed that a meeting has been held in which a plan of action has been drawn up both to solve the specific problems of the roof of the Loggia, and to accelerate the resolution of the projects presented in the Administration pending of authorization – a total of four, the oldest one blocked since 2013-.

According to the Generalitat, the technical staff of Patrimonio has asked the religious for a prioritization of the pending issues between both parties, and the Cabildo has claimed, as the first intervention, in front of the beams, the resolution of the leaks in the chapel of the Reliquary.

At the meeting of the two heritage techniques and the deputy general director of Heritage and Museums, Antonio Bravo, with the conservator of the artistic heritage of the Cabildo, Jaime Sancho, the canon manufacturer Ramón Fita and the canon archivist Vicent Pons, it was agreed that present a valued memory to repair the beams of the roof of the renancentista façade.

The Directorate General of Culture and Heritage has committed to "diligently analyze this document so that the works can be undertaken as soon as possible and has offered the collaboration of the heritage technicians for the writing of this valued report".

At the same meeting, the need for the City Council to complement the pending projects with reports that take into account archaeological, historical, architectural and artistic values, as established by the Autonomous Administration, has also become apparent. in article 35.4 of Law 4/1998 on Valencian cultural heritage and that, on repeated occasions, has been requested both in writing and in face-to-face meetings.

Pending projects
The outstanding projects are the Restoration of the Loggia, access staircase and bridge to the Basilica, recovery of the Gothic ambulatory that falls on the Plaza de la Almoina, the restoration project of the staircase of the Archive and the Project of restoration of access and salts of the Miguelete.

The technical team moved to the Cathedral has taken advantage of the visit to assess, again, the state of the Shrine of the Reliquary, supposedly affected by rainwater infiltration.

Accompanied by the heads of the Cabildo, they have verified that the leaks have not caused structural damage and both parties have agreed on the need to present another report assessed as a step prior to the authorization of the works to repair the leaks. In Patrimonio this document is expected from January of this same year, when an official requirement was sent to the Cathedral.

In this same line, the regional administration is also waiting for the reports of the advisory bodies – Consell Valencià de Cultura, Royal Academy of BBAA of San Carlos, Valencian Institute of Conservation and Restoration (IVCR + I), Universitat de València and Universitat Politècnica de València – to make a definitive decision about the possible elimination of the wall that surrounds the façade of the Absidiolos, as one of the projects that remains unapproved in the General Directorate of Culture and Heritage proposes

The Law 4/98 of Valencian cultural heritage prevents irreversible intervention in a monument declared BIC and this is since 1931. In the Catalog of Protected Goods and Spaces of the City Council there is an integral protection of the Cathedral. . (tagsToTranslate) cathedral (t) valencia (t) inspection

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