The German newspaper published an article about Putin’s world: Politics: World:

Daily German newspaper junge Welt published an article by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war. The material was released on June 25 and published on the website of the newspaper.

It is noted that the German version of the article published in a shortened version and the full version posted on the page of the Russian Embassy, the publication provides a link. As the main illustration to the article used photo of the heads of France, Italy, Nazi Germany and Britain during the signing of the Munich agreement in 1938.

A day earlier, the Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechayev said that Putin’s article has provoked a lot of discussion in the German government circles.

An article by Vladimir Putin “the Real lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war” for the American magazine The National Interest published on the 18th of June. In it the Russian leader also appealed to the permanent members of the UN Security Council — USA, UK, China and France and expressed hope for the imminent holding of the summit of leaders of the five countries. Putin stressed that the world powers can and must trust each other to respond to current challenges: a pandemic of the mers situation in the world economy and protect the environment.

After the publication of the Director of the Department of homeland security office of the Prime Minister of Poland Stanislaw Garin said that Putin has attempted to present a false picture of the Second world war.

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