The Germans were to accept up to 150 refugees. Merkel wants ten times as much – World – News from the country and the world – – Events and Facts

This proposal, which has already been discussed with the Greek government, must now be approved by the co-ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). It is not known whether this will happen, as Saskia Eskien, the co-president of the SPD, declared the need to bring thousands of refugees from overcrowded Greek camps to Germany. Last week, the situation there dramatically worsened as the camp in the village was almost completely burnt down Moriah on the island of Lesbos.

On Friday, Seehofer announced that the Germany will fall from 100 to 150 out of 400 minor migrants who stay in Greece without their guardians and are to be admitted by the European Union countries. As he pointed out then, the next step will be to start talks with Athens on translocation of families with children.

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