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The Good Doctor season 3: could Lea sacrifice herself to save Shaun in the Season Finale?

by drbyos

A terrible disaster … Last night, episode 19 of season 3 of The Good Doctor was broadcast on ABC and it was overwhelming. An earthquake claimed many victims and Lea was not found at first. Shaun went looking for him, but he came across another seriously injured victim whom he tried to rescue. Unfortunately, another jolt sounded, doing more damage in this first part of Season 3 of Season 3 The Good Doctor. If Lea was found safe and sound, Shaun is now stranded under the rubble with her patient and a water hose has exploded, threatening to kill them drowned … But then, is it possible that Lea sacrifices herself to save Shaun in this season 3 of The Good Doctor ?

Shaun in danger!
Shaun in danger!

Lea, safe, listened to Shaun’s conversation with Vera on another walkie-talkie and her declaration of love in The Good Doctor. Hearing Shaun’s words, Lea was overwhelmed and seemed desperate, especially when he warned of the dramatic situation he was in. Since the firefighters do not seem to reach them, it is possible that Lea decides to go in search of Shaun in order to save him … It is obvious that Shaun is not going to die in this Season Finale given the renewal of The Good Doctor for a season 4, but Lea could be one of the victims of the writers. If she dies while saving Shaun, she would prove his love to him and that she is not a selfish person. However, it is doubtful that Shaun will let her sacrifice herself for him. For the moment, nothing is confirmed and other characters seem to be in danger … Pending the broadcast of the Season Finale, discover the spoilers of the week.


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