The Government is Ready to Import Oximeters After Domestic Availability Is Thin – Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartarto said the government plans to import oximeters to meet the dwindling domestic demand. For information, Oximeter (pulse oximeter) is a device for measuring oxygen levels in the blood.

“There are several oximeters that will be imported into Indonesia, and when the time is right, the Ministry of Industry will explain how many they will be,” said Coordinating Minister Airlangga in a press conference on Anticipating a Spike in Covid-19 Cases Outside Java-Bali, broadcast on the Indonesian Economics YouTube channel, Wednesday (April 29). 7/7).

Just like oxygen cylinders, oximeters are being hunted by the public for some time. This makes the availability of this body oxygen measuring device rare in the market.

On this basis, said Coordinating Minister Airlangga, the government plans to import oximeters. However, for now it is still under discussion about how many oximeters are needed, and this will be further handled by the Ministry of Industry.

Withdraw Oxygen Supply Outside Java

In addition, for the availability of oxygen cylinders, the government is currently picking up 800 tons of oxygen from Batam to meet the needs on the island of Java.

“It was identified that 8oo tons of additional oxygen could be withdrawn from Batam Island, and now ISO tanks have been sent there to be towed to Java,” he said.

While waiting for oxygen to be picked up from Batam, Coordinating Minister Airlangga said that several ISO tanks of oxygen from several areas outside Java had arrived at the airport. Jakarta. In fact, it is currently in the preparation stage for distribution to COVID-19 patients.

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“Several ISO tanks have arrived in Jakarta and some are being prepared. The government uses all existing facilities, so that the availability of both national production in Java and outside Java is all withdrawn,” he concluded.

Reporter: Tira Santia

Source: Liputan6


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