The Government’s reasons for letting football return: “It would be positive for our reputation”

An internal document of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) uses political and economic arguments to request the Ministry of Health to return to training.

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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during a session of Congress.

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) is working to get football back as soon as possible, and in recent weeks it has drawn up a protocol entitled “Resumption of professional sports activity”. In the document, of four folios and to which EL MUNDO has had access, the reasons that would make a quick return in the First and Second Divisions are detailed. Sources of the presiding bodyIrene LozanoThey have specified that this Friday only the health protocol of the return has been sent to Health, without dates.

In the letter, the CSD explains the “political benefits” that soccer would have to recover. It would suppose, explains the text, a “normalization of everyday life”. “Playing games again behind closed doors allows them to be broadcast on television,” and this, he says, “contributes to strengthening the collective spirit in the last phase of confinement,” and then to give concrete examples of where the matches would be good to watch: in the environment of families, old people’s homes, juvenile centers and also penitentiary centers.

But these are not the only reasons why the CSD proposes a soon return to football. In political terms, that return would improve the “reputation of Spain”. Why? The text itself explains it: “The two most well-known Spanish brands internationally are Real Madrid and Barcelona[…]. The resumption of the Spanish league (one of the best in the world) would have a positive impact on our reputation, “he explains. Similarly, he says,” devising safe protocols would place us at the forefront of sports health. “

Football, 1.4 of GDP

The CSD also speaks of the fact that high-level athletes (DAN), some 5,000 in Spain and that include First and Second Division players, as well as those of the ACB Basketball League, are a “national good” as representatives of Spain in international competitions. “This has great political relevance,” says the text, because “by resuming their training, we help when they exercise that representation of Spain to do so in better conditions.” After the “political” reasons, the CSD lists the “economic” reasons. Explain that soccer is the1.4% of GDP, which generates185,000 direct and indirect jobsand recognizes that, after the Covid-19 epidemic, there will be no public money for all athletes, so that the “only private collaborator” will be soccer.

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Finally, the document proposes three scenarios or phases to the Ministry of Health for that return. In the first one, which would start next Monday, the individual training of the players would be allowed in the sports cities of the teams. TheMay 11in larger groups and the18 or 25of the same month, the normal training sessions, with the whole group (as always). Of course, with the maximum security measures and social distancing, made explicit in the protocol that LaLiga has prepared for this purpose. CSD sources have specified that this is a working document prepared almost a month ago. “I wish those dates, raised at the time, were viable,” they say.

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