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The great football revolution? FIFA is considering increasing game time

The International Football Federation (FIFA) wants to make a big change in football rules. It is said that the playing time in the basic playing time should increase from 90 to 100 minutes. FIFA would like to make it to this year’s World Championships in Qatar.

The main reason why FIFA wants to introduce a novelty is that the active playing time itself is short. According to the CIES Football Observatory, only 64.7% of the ball is in the Champions League and even only 62% in the Premier League. This is even the lowest number of the top five European competitions. By increasing the playing time by ten minutes, the percentages of active play will not increase, but more pure football will be on display.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino allegedly came up with the idea, according to footbal-italia.net. But changing the rules is not that simple. The International Football Association would first have to get the green light from the International Football Association (IFAB) Council.

It has previously been suggested that a similar system should be used in football as in rugby, where time would stop when there is a break. In addition, it was also proposed that the World Cup be played every two years instead of in a four-year cycle. So far, only one change has taken place, which is to expand the number of participants. At the World Championships in 2026 in the USA, Canada and Mexico, it will have 48 players for the first time.

The basic groups of the World Cup, which will take place in Qatar, were drawn on Friday:

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