The great night of Andreu Plaza


Barça celebrated yesterday, the day after losing ACB, the Futsal league. A great success that sets an end to a historic season, in which this section has scored the triplet (League, Spanish Cup and Copa del Rey), with Girona coach Andreu Plaza on the bench. The azulgranas got rid of ElPozo Murcia (3-2) in the fifth and final match of the final of play-off, played in a Palau Blaugrana delivered, thanks to the goals of Esquerdinha and Sergio Lozano, who signed, the latter, a double and was decisive. Although in the end the visitors cut their distances, Barça never saw the victory in danger.

The set of Andreu Plaza has won another League six years later. Barça, despite having the series against (1-2) at the end of the third game, knew how to rely on and take advantage of their success in Murcia to tie the tie and solve it before more than 6,000 spectators. Barça was lethal for the Murcian, brave but ineffective.

Esquerdinha was in charge of opening the scoring with a strange shot in the area. With 1-0 it came to a break and at the start Barça set off for another. The great responsibility was Sergio Lozano, who put the team on the back to confirm the victory and the title with a double category.

It was then, with 3-0 and in the absence of eight minutes for the final, when ElPozo Murcia opted for the goalkeeper-player to close the Catalans in their field. With Àlex in this figure, only a miracle could have changed the script of an end that was painted in blue and grain, however much Andresito cut distances to five minutes for the conclusion and even made the 3-2 at Three seconds from the end, which was not anything for the Murcian. It was a great night for Barça and Girona coach Andreu Plaza, who pointed to a historic success. That is the fourth quarter of Barça football, which regains the hegemony after six years without League.

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