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The gunman who shot the candidate Fernando Villavicencio was from Cali, he was 19 years old and entered Ecuador several times.

The assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio has left Latin America in shock and heightened uncertainty about the cause of his murder. The situation in Ecuador is still in suspense, when it is revealed that the suspects are Colombian.

This Thursday (August 10) the authorities in the neighboring country announced the capture of six people related to the crime scene, two of whom would have traveled by land the day before the events, according to what Blu Radio could learn, citing sources from the Police.

The journalist’s case with the Ecuadorian presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio. (file photo) | Photo: Reuters

What is known about the suspect?

Regarding the subject, on whom it is not yet clear whether or not he was the one who ended up being killed in the confrontation with the security team, it appeared that his nationality was also Colombian and he had a criminal record for possessing and carrying weapons, a fact that led to his detention on June 17 of the current year. This Wednesday, the day of the crime, the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office gave details of his death.

This Thursday the Ecuadorian Police gave details of the operation that allowed the seizure and arrest. | Photo: Fotograma / 00:57 / Twitter @PoliciaEcuador

“A suspect, who was wounded during the exchange of bullets with security personnel, was arrested and taken seriously injured to the Flagrancy Unit in #Quito. An ambulance from the Fire Department confirmed his death. Police continued with the removal of the body.

According to Miguel Ángel Palta, from the news 90 minutes From Cali, the subject left Ecuador for Colombia by land and returned to the neighboring country about two weeks ago together with two of his alleged accomplices. This principle reported that the suspect was in the Valle del Lili Youth Training Center last year, accused of attempted murder.

In addition, according to details on Supernoticias del Valle, One of those involved in the assassination of Ecuador’s presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio, would be a 19-year-old man known as Hito, who would have traveled from eastern Cali to the neighboring country about a week ago.

The FBI will assist in the investigations.

This Friday, the authorities assured that “in a hearing to classify flagrante delicto and formulate charges, installed in the Mariscal Flagrante delicto Unit, the prosecutor in charge of the case exposed twenty-two elements of conviction that were raised both at the scene of the crime and of the damage done by the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police.

Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador. | Photo: AFP

Deferred from debate?

Villavicencio’s campaign director, Antonio López, proposed postponing the presidential debate this Sunday, reported AFP. “The debate must be postponed until we decide (the replacement),” he said in a press conference.

The candidate from the movement Construye and Gente Buena was one of the eight presidential candidates for early elections in Ecuador, a country that was for decades an oasis of peace in South America, but which began to change a few years ago due to ties and Mexico. cartels and Colombians.

According to this news agency, the annual homicide rate will almost double in 2022 to 25 per 100,000 people.. Massacres in prisons have left more than 430 inmates dead since 2021. Wednesday’s attack also injured nine, including an assembly candidate and three police officers, according to the official tally.

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