The Gypsy culture enters the Faculty of Arts of the UdG


The Faculty of Arts of the University of Girona will host the presentation of the book this Thursday (12:30 a.m.) The gypsy musicians of the rumba, in charge of the author, Guy Bertrand, followed by the musical performance of the Girona group Rumba 4G, which will accompany the photographic exhibition with the most significant images of the book.

Guy Bertrand, ethnomusychologist and Occitan professor, linked to the Higher Conservatory and the University of Lyon, has collected photographic, sound and video testimonies for nearly 30 years. This is where it arises a book that invites you to immerse yourself in the life of the gypsy families of France and Catalonia initiators of this musical current.

Written work in French, Catalan and Occitan, is an ethnomusical reference in terms of the cross-border dimension and the contribution of gypsy communities to rumba. The book incorporates an important historical photographic archive.

The act will end with the live performance of Rumba 4G, one Social project started in 2017 at the request of the young people of the district of Sector Est de Girona with the intention of promoting its culture and using its art as a tool for social insertion. The group is composed of the singer Juan Amaya, the guitarist Juan Antonio Heredia, Pedro Heredia in the drawer and keyboards, Meme Fernández in the tumbadores and José Amaya as a sound technician.

The co-organizers of the event will also be taking part: Xavier Pla, Director of the Department of Philology and Communication; David Coll, director of the Rumbesca Festival and spokeswoman for the Catalan Rumba Candidate to UNESCO, and Ana María Cabero, director of the magazine Culturae Magazine, the first cross-cultural cultural magazine of the counties of Girona and the department of the Eastern Pyrenees.

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