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The head of the American PMC announced a new operation to overthrow Maduro: Politics: World: Lenta.ru

Former US Army Special Forces soldier and current head of SILVERCORP PMC Jordan Goodro said that on Sunday, May 3, he initiated an operation to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. It is reported by The New York Times.

According to him, he sent several groups of mercenaries to Venezuela, but they were captured. The network got shots of equipment of fighters and an agreement on military support for the coup between PMCs and opposition leader Juan Guaido in the amount of $ 213 million. There were no comments by Guido at the time of publication, but he had previously stated that he had not signed any military support contracts.

The AP published an investigation stating that Goodro had been working with retired Venezuelan Army General Javier Nieto to train deserters in secret camps in Colombia. Their goal was to organize a cross-border raid, which was supposed to end with the arrest of Maduro. However, from the very beginning, the army did not have support and funding from the US government.

After publishing a joint video from an unknown place where Goodro and Nieto say they launched an operation called Gideon, they refused to comment on the news. In the video, Goodro reports that his units were activated in the south, west and east of Venezuela. According to him, the fighters operate under the command of Captain Antonio Széeca, who participated in the rebellion against Maduro a year ago.

He wisely noted that he hoped to join the rebels in the near future and urged the Venezuelans to follow his example. However, there was no evidence or signs of hostilities in the country.

Washington and the CIA deny their involvement in organizing a failed overthrow and any support for Goodro’s actions. According to the representative of the US Department of State, the Maduro regime uses misinformation to shift the focus from inept governance.

At the end of April 2019, opposition leader Guaido urged the military and people of the country to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. He stated that the army sided with him and called what was happening “the final phase of Operation Freedom.” The next day, Maduro declared his victory over the opposition forces. Russia supported the current president, the United States recognized the legitimacy of Guaido.

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