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Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

Handwashing is one of the best remedies for coronavirus, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adan Gebreyesus said at a briefing in Geneva. Video recording published on Twitter.

“One of the best tools is one of the most fundamental: hand washing,” said Gebreyesus. According to him, this measure is one of the most important for protecting not only from COVID-19, but also from other diseases. He recalled that on May 5, WHO decided to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day.

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At the same time, Gebreyesus added that millions of people in the world cannot practice this precaution. According to him, in the world less than two-thirds of medical facilities have equipment for washing their hands, and 3 billion people do not have soap and water in their homes.

To stop the coronavirus pandemic, you need to “dramatically increase investment in soap, access to alcohol-based water and cleaning products,” concluded Gebreyesus.


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