The hell of "Save me": your collaborators can not


Just a few days ago, Terelu Campos made public his break with "Save Me" after almost a decade of his first appearance on the show. The largest of the Fields claims to be fed up with the treatment given by her colleagues and "friends". "Leave the program after eight years at the bottom of the canyon. He has said that he is emotionally weak. Not only because of the health problems she has suffered, but she also says that she does not have strength and that she does not have the strength to stand up when talking about her family or her, "announced Carlota Corredera on the Telecinco program. But she is not the only collaborator who has said goodbye to the format in recent months.

Her sister, Carmen Borrego, is another person who has decided to settle her relationship with «Save me», although she continues to collaborate on «Saturday Deluxe». According to he has related in numerous occasions, the fame has surpassed him until such a point that he assured that he had lost the good humor and this ended up directly affecting his closest relatives and friends. One of the reasons that prompted him to leave the program was his relationship with his classmates.

"It hurts. They are a pineapple and I am the last one that has arrived, I know it costs and I am not such a friend. Every time something happens to Lydia (Lozano) I am, that's why it hurt me she did not ask me how I am. I do not say it to bad, I say it with pain, I think that they do not care about anything, "he explained in an interview with" Lecturas ". The only collaborator who dared to agree with Carmen Borrego was Mila Ximénez: "I find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with them (the Fields) because I do not understand them."

Another collaborator who has seen how her classmates mocked her family has been Anabel Pantoja. The "primísima" took advantage of the presence of Isa Pantoja and Kiko Rivera in the different realities of the chain to occupy a chair in "Sálvame" and thus be able to defend them. What he had not foreseen is that his colleagues would take advantage of his presence to try to get information at any price. There are many afternoons in which the niece of Isabel Pantoja ended up crying in the corridors of Mediaset, surpassed by the situation. He even left the program for a while at the end of last year. Currently, he continues in "Save me" and his situation, after the agreement that Mediaset has reached with the Jury, seems more bearable.

The relationship of Gustavo López and María Lapiedra has also been in the crosshairs of "Sálvame". The paparazzi and the collaborator have been identified by their companions on countless occasions, becoming accused of "montage". The collaborators of "Save Me" saw in this relationship the opportunity to "return" the darts that Gustavo López had thrown at them. Like Gema López, from whom he leaked a new love. "I think I've earned respect, others have lost it and I do not need explanations or knees or apologize," snapped the journalist.

In fact, Gema López left the set of "Save Me" after a clash with Maria Lapiedra, who went to the set to try to clarify the alleged "mess" that had caused this leak. "What a shame that Gustavo Gonzalez after eight years has achieved come more days selling his life or throwing shit on mine, "he said before throwing a warning to Maria Lapiedra herself:" We will not see each other on a set, we'll see where we have to see ourselves ". But, calm down, it seems that this threat was left alone in that.

Another paparazzi who has recently left "Save me" is Diego Arrabal, specifically last March. «I am forced to make this decision. Both my honor and my personal and family privacy in these last days are being violated in the 'Save me' program, "he affirmed in the message accompanying the statement, where he also announced his intention to resort to justice to resolve this labor dispute:« Feeling it a lot, I have to be consistent with my decision to take legal action ».

This tension not only affects employees. Even Paz Padilla has left the set after suffering the reproaches of his teammates. Last April, the presenter warned that the comments that were being made off camera were too unfocused and that, if they continued this way, she would have to make them public. To which Belén Esteban shouted: «We have also heard atrocities about you!». The gaditana did not hesitate to take off the flask of sound and leave the set. (tagsToTranslate) situation (t) collaborators (t) save me


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