The hemorrhage continues at LR, plunged into a deep crisis


Emphasized by the perspective of the municipal, the decomposition continues right with the tribune on Sunday of 72 local representatives expressing their support for Emmanuel Macron, yet another blow for LR after the crash of the European elections.

Since the debacle of May 26, when their list recorded with 8.48% of votes its worst score under the Fifth Republic, the Republicans are sinking day after day in the crisis.

After the resignation of Laurent Wauquiez, the departure of Valérie Pécresse and several executives, the haemorrhage continued with the rallying to Emmanuel Macron of 72 mayors and local elected officials on the right and center. "We want the success of the President of the Republic and the government because nothing will be built on their failure," write these elected in a forum in the JDD.

At LR, it is noted that many of the signatories, including Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers, Alain Chrétien, mayor Agir de Vesoul, or François Goulard, chairman of the departmental council of Morbihan, had already distanced themselves from LR. One can "even be astonished that so few mayors have signed despite heavy pressure, going as far as the threat," said spokeswoman Laurence Sailliet, denouncing on LCI "electoral solicitation".

Nevertheless, it remains a new blow for LR whose political space, wedged between LREM Emmanuel Macron and the RN Marine Le Pen, has been shrinking for two years. Without sharing the call of the 72, Valerie Pécresse saw a sign of "the urgency to build a modern right" she now intends to embody outside the party.

While the LR forum is part of the vast recomposition of the political landscape, the 2020 municipal perspective is not neutral. For some signatories, the initiative is hoping not to have a LREM candidate against them next March in municipalities where the majority has often made a good score in the European.

– "totalitarian" canvassing –

In this regard, the presidential camp will also scrutinize the vote of MPs and Senators LR on the statement of general policy of Edouard Philippe Wednesday.

On the side of LREM, the rallying of elected officials from the right and the center offers the opportunity to build a local anchorage still weak. "This puts an end to the trial that was addressed to macronism during the first two years, on the idea that we would be above ground, cut off territories, cut off from elected officials," said the head of LREM deputies Gilles Le Gendre.

In short, a win-win agreement to the detriment of a big loser: LR.

LREM does not hesitate to throw salt on the wounds of the big burned by multiplying the calls of the foot to the right. On Sunday, Secretary of State Marlène Schiappa and MPs Laurent Saint-Martin and Olivia Grégoire, in their turn, encouraged in a forum in the JDD the elected and sympathizers of LR, but also EELV, the PS and even the Party animalist, to "walk with us".

A soliciting in order that ulcerates the opposition, the boss of the PS Olivier Faure judging that there is "something totalitarian in the thought of the walkers".

But LREM is not alone in eyeing LR's side. "A part of LR is intended to join" Marine Le Pen because "today there is more space" for the classical right, insists the former minister LR Thierry Mariani who had been one of the first to cross the Rubicon.

Faced with this risk of skinning, LR tries to cling to the holding in the fall of the "national convention" organized by Senate Speaker Gerard Larcher and the election of a new leader in October.

Several party executives have expressed their wish that the new party president is not the candidate for the presidential 2022. In this perspective, the name of Christian Jacob returns regularly. The experienced boss of the LR in the Assembly received Sunday the support of MEP Brice Hortefeux, a very close to Nicolas Sarkozy.


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