The ‘Hey Spotify’ Feature Starts Rolling Out to the User, Jakarta – Music playback platform Spotify released a voice command feature titled ‘Hey Spotify’ for Android and iOS users. It is known that the company secretly released this Google assistant-like feature.

The way it works is similar to a user saying ‘Hey Google’ or a command issued for Siri on iOS.

Quoted from The Verge, Friday (9/4/2021), to use this feature, users need to first open the Spotify application. This means that if the application is running in the background, the user cannot use it.

When opening the application, the user can simply say “Hey Spotify” and ask him to play a song.

Apart from that it can also give commands to drag playlist, launch radio station, and skip, pause or play.

In addition, the command “Play something I like” will randomly pull one of the Spotify users’ Daily Mix playlists.


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