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the hopes of Nicolas Sarkozy showered by the prosecution

Nicolas Sarkozy, ex president France

It is a point that sounds like a stinging setback for the former President of the Republic. While Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed that the prosecutions of which he is the subject in the nebula of the Libyan financing of his 2007 campaign were based solely on the contradictory statements of Ziad Takieddine, the national financial prosecutor’s office (PNF) wanted to react.

In a press release published this Thursday, November 12, the PNF recalls that the Franco-Lebanese businessman (who is retracting today) was the subject of six hearings, during which he “never returned to first statements ”. In addition, the indictments in this case, including that targeting Nicolas Sarkozy, are based on “serious and consistent clues which are not limited to the statements of a single person”.

“The accusations against Serge Touraine, having interrogated Mr. Takieddine, are completely unfounded”, the PNF still insists, while the camp of the former president intended to use the volte- face of the sulphurous businessman to proclaim his innocence.

This clarification of justice comes as those close to Nicolas Sarkozy were already shouting victory after the (media) withdrawal of the accusations of Ziad Takieddine.

In a press release, The Republicans on Thursday gave their “unwavering support” to Nicolas Sarkozy after “this umpteenth rebound in the alleged Libyan affair”, estimating that “the means deployed, absolutely disproportionate in a case created from scratch, highlight serious malfunctions ”.

On social networks and in the media, the tenors LR and the right took turns to cut to pieces the accusations of which Nicolas Sarkozy is the subject.

“Those who fomented this plot, in defiance of justice, will have to account for it”, wished for example the deputy LR Guillaume Larrivé. “We never doubted”, also underlined the number two of LR and former campaign spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy, Guillaume Peltier, evoking “astounding revelations”.

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