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The horoscope for April 14, 2020


If you were born before April 2, Mercury and Venus will be in tune with you all week, increasing your chances of improving your relationships with those around you. They will be lighter, fun for the most part, you will also want to play with your feelings, with those of the other, but be careful not to go too far … Especially since Venus will linger in Gemini and that this game can last.


3rd decan, born after May 10, you are in the spotlight today but you will certainly have more to take care of those who are not doing well, than yourself. You have indeed around you, or perhaps even abroad, a person in bad shape and to whom you would like to cheer up. In addition, it may also be (born around May 17) that your desire to finally leave your 4 walls is urgent.


Born before June 6, you will be lucky this week, both in your usual activities and in the emotional field. We saw that your loves were at the top. Venus settles in your home, in your 2nd decan from Wednesday and she will circulate there until May 3, where she will then take care of the 3rd decan; but it will come back to you from May 23 and especially from July 11 to 26. We will talk about it again.


It is the first quarter of the Moon and it can accentuate the difficult aspects that the 3rd decan must endure; however, they start to come apart, keep trusting. It is true that you may have lost faith in the other, and especially the confidence that you granted him, his behavior having disappointed you a lot, especially born around July 16, 17.


As I told you yesterday, the planets are positive for you, especially Venus and Mars if you are of the 2nd decan: you are waiting for news from a friend and you will have it. It will be done in the coming days, the weekend of 18 and 19 being very favorable thanks to the alignment between Mercury, Venus and Mars. And this despite the fact that Mars is facing you; it may mean that a decision can be made, but after reflection!


If there are lucky among you, they are the natives of the 3rd decan; Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter are aligned with you and you have become a kind of moral authority. You feel that you have an intellectual hold on those around you, whatever the field in which you practice you have recognition, especially born after September 16.


The 1st and 2nd decan will be happy with their sentimental life this week, while the 3rd decan will be very sensitive a story that can have a scent of scandal. That said, it is not new and it may be behind you, but even if it is, the situation has left its mark and perhaps even your reputation has been damaged. Unless, more prosaically, you have renovation work to do at home.


Born after November 16, it seems that you were able to take power at the right time, each at your level, and you were able to beat your opponents fairly. Well, not always, but in war as in war, right? You who are a follower of the “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, you may have returned the favor to those who have misjudged you or who have put you squarely in the wheel.


You are already well off, 1st and 2nd decan, but it will be even better at the end of the week, especially for the 2nd decan. Your pellet will pay off in all areas. Dare, take initiatives (from tomorrow) and you will not be disappointed, starting with those who were born around December 2. But the whole of the 2nd decan will benefit from the beneficial alignment between Mercury, Venus and Mars which will take place on Sunday.


The first quarter is done in your 3rd decan and lights up the Jupiter / Pluto conjunction, in bad shape today. You will be too harsh with those around you, you will tend to dictate their behavior and yell at them if they do not do things as you have decided. Be careful not to behave as a despot … or not to suffer the despotism of a spouse yourself.


Born in January or Aquarius ascendant 1st decan, Saturn is at home and this reveals that you are in fear of not making the right choice (s) for your future. You probably decided on something or will do it soon and you wonder with anguish what it will give. That said, you can also be at the end of a cycle and ready to start a new one, Saturn’s cycles being 28, 29 years old, see what happened, in 1991, 1992 …


The first district of Lune is favorable to those of the 3rd decan, a professional or friendly relationship could be useful for you to advance a project. But you have to put your own in it, don’t wait for things to be offered to you on a platter. It is by being active, that is to say by calling your contacts, by manifesting that you will have the best chance of being offered help.

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