The host of Vesti called the amendment vote a “crime” and quit the TV channel

Vladimir Zharinov / Facebook

The Krasnoyarsk host of Vesti (the Krasnoyarsk television channel), Vladimir Zharinov, wrote a letter of resignation, noting that he did not want to “publicly openly destructive actions of the authorities” and “participate in this madness” – a vote on constitutional amendments. The journalist wrote about this on his page on Facebook.

“I’m leaving with a strange feeling. For seven years I wrote hot news, prepared reports from the events, conducted news releases and tried to be objective. But what is happening now is beyond my comprehension. Amendments to the Constitution are a historical crime. Which is attracted to the promotion of a dubious quiz (one of the organizers, God forgive me, the “Lawyers Association of Russia”), the opinions written off by the history of “VIPs” are in quotation marks, some handouts for children … ”, said Zharinov.

According to him, he “fell into a stupor” when the regional deputies “unanimously approved the amendments.” “After that, I realized that self-esteem for those who voted in favor is just a word from another reality. Well, that is, it is clear that the deputies should not care about the voters (this is the essence of today’s democracy), but to sell their own interest, their future … And everything happens quite philistinely – it just kills me, ”he added. – Throughout my career I have not had to publicly openly destructive actions of the authorities. And now I don’t want to. I see the only way to not participate in this madness is to quit. Well, of course, I won’t go to vote. ”

Voting on amendments is carried out in buses, car racks and on benches in the yards

Recall that on June 25 the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation began, the main day of the plebiscite was determined on July 1. It has been proposed to introduce more than 200 amendments to the country’s main law, the key of which is the “zeroing” of the presidential term of Vladimir Putin. At the same time, there are no separate items in the ballot for each amendment; you can vote only for the entire package of changes. Question one: “Do you approve of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?” The answer is yes or no.

The President of the Russian Federation signed the law adopted by the State Duma and the Federation Council on introducing several dozen amendments to the Constitution on March 14. Two days later, the Constitutional Court approved the document, the next step is a nationwide vote on the proposed amendments. A key amendment will allow Putin to re-run for president and be in power until 2036. Other amendments include the mention in the Constitution of God of the Russian language as the language of a “nation-forming nation”, as well as a ban on “falsification of history”. In addition, the amendments provide for the redistribution of powers between the branches of government, the priority of Russian laws over international law, the concept of marriage as a union of a man and a woman is fixed.

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