The hotels on the island of Elba return the money if it rains for two hours


In Italy, this month of May seems a February. The cold and the rain constant they have not ceased to bother the weekends of the Italians, who anxiously wait for spring to finally arrive. But if someone is especially angry about the weather conditions are the hoteliers, who fear that the beginning of the tourist season is a complete disaster.

In this situation, many hotels in the Elba Island, a small Tuscan area between Piombino and Corsica, have taken a curious decision that will apply to the remainder of the month: if it rains at least two hours, between ten in the morning and eight in the evening, they will return the total amount of the day to your guests.

"Although in Elba it is rare for it to rain in May, it might be a little rain. But in Elba, not even the rain is a problem! ", Points out the island's tourism website, Visit Elba.

The initiative comes after Visit Elba has produced a survey that reveals that 72% of Italians believe that the weather forecasts are very reliable, and therefore if they see rain, they do not travel to a summer destination like Elba. But the local tourism agency defends that in the spring forecasts with more than a week in advance not always hit the particular weather on the island. "Between 2016 and 2018, in the period between April and May, the forecasts were followed more than seven days in advance that indicated rain, but in reality in 36% of the cases the weather forecasts were denied by weekends characterized by a generally serene climate that allowed visitors to fully enjoy the holidays, "Claudio Della Lucia, coordinator of Tourism for Elba Island, told the Tgcom24 channel.

The hoteliers argue that the weather forecasts do not always succeed and brandish the cultural offer as an extra incentive

The objective of the initiative is to highlight that, although the main attraction of the island are its beaches with crystal clear waters, it also has a lot of cultural offer. "There are many realities in Italy, and the island of Elba is clearly an example, which are able to offer many other things beyond splendid beaches and an incredible sea. Experiences that do not need sunlight to be enjoyed, from art and culture to gastronomy, from sports to well-being. We must simply know how to communicate better so that everyone can experience it ", concludes Della Lucia. The free day in case of rain is a pilot test that could be repeated in the fall season.

Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago and for centuries it was disputed by French and Italians. Here Napoleon Bonaparte was confined for ten months in 1814. After the defeat of the Napoleonic armies and the signing of the Treaty of Fontainebleau, the victorious powers decided to exile him in Elba, where he was managing the economy and the government of the island with a thousand men and two mansions that he had built in a paradise that would be his golden cage. Their residences can now be visited in Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino, while in Portoferraio are the Napoleonic museums.


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