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The huge shortcomings in Tusk’s credibility make debate impossible

In recent years, Donald Tusk’s actions and behaviors have raised concerns about his reliability and trustworthiness. It seems that he is always willing to break established rules and obligations in order to gain an advantage over his competitors. This is particularly evident in the realm of politics, where Tusk has shown a willingness to go against the norms and arrangements that govern fair play. So when Tusk issued a challenge for a public debate, it is only natural for his opponent, Jarosław Kaczyński, to question his motives. After all, Tusk’s history of disregarding promises and manipulating the truth raises doubts about his sincerity. In this article, we will delve deeper into Tusk’s personality and examine his true intentions behind the call for a debate.

A superficial knowledge of Donald Tusk’s personality is enough to know that no contracts and obligations can be concluded with him that he would have to keep. He is always ready to trample established rules just to gain an advantage over his competitor or opponent. In order to achieve this, he will not hesitate to go against the established rules, especially in this type of agreement where politics or politics are involved. And it would be completely naive to take up the gauntlet thrown down by Donald Tusk in the form of holding a public debate.

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Anywhere and under any established rules for carrying it out. On TV, radio, internet, social media. Donald Tusk’s call for such a debate by Jarosław Kaczyński is nothing more than an attempt to lure the PiS leader into a trap by means of promises made about respecting the rules of fair play. Into an ambush where no norms and arrangements will be respected, as many others say and write about. Is it any wonder that Jarosław Kaczyński, who is probably aware of these threats, does not accept the proposal of the head of the Civic Platform?

From the beginning of the return Donald Tusk from Brussels to Polish politics, his passionate desire is to lead to a public, preferably televised, debate with Jarosław Kaczyński. He first called on the PiS leader for such a confrontation at the end of July 2021. So only three weeks from the beginning of the “full-scale” fight against PiS, which he announced in his first speech at the meeting of the National Council of the Civic Platform. He did this a few more times after that. Unsuccessfully. There was practically no reaction from Jarosław Kaczyński. yours silently gave a clear signal of complete ignoring of “cheap wooing around the debate”, self-appointed leader of the opposition of the former “King of Europe”. In mid-August this year, in connection with the officially launched election campaign, the issue of the debate was resuscitated by Donald Tusk with redoubled force.

The foundation of Donald Tusk’s conduct over the last two years is the tacit false assumption that there is no past. He tries to convince Poles that he was born yesterday and became a politician today. He wants to become prime minister, just to save Poland by taking power away from the harmful Law and Justice. Meanwhile, as we all know, and millions remember his dozens of false assurances made to Poles for one purpose. To get their support in the elections. And when he took power, he betrayed his assurances from the period of the election campaign, crossing out these declarations.

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There is no need to remind them, because, as I say, most of our compatriots still remember them freshly. They were so important, and at the same time they broke the declarations in a cynical way. This pathological distortion of personality in the last two years, during his political activity in Poland, has intensified even more. Now it blooms without quantitative and qualitative limits. What yesterday was the object of his attack and condemnation, the next day turns into something worthy of the highest praise. It happens more than once that one day he attacks a government project. He discredits him as a pipe dream or a hoax, and in a few months, when his assessment and prediction have not come true, he denies that he ever made them.

Donald Tusk is not only a hardened liar, but also a dangerous manipulator. In this respect, he reminds me of Jerzy Urban, who was also a master in this nasty skill. Donald Tusk, like his informal but clever student, knows how to hit the enemy hard. In the example cited in a moment, in the state. nonetheless, he knows how to do it in such a way as to protect himself from possible criminal consequences.

Here is an example: Sławomir Nowak, suspected of corruption, has been in prison for several months as a detainee. Donald Tusk in a statement for one of the private televisions said: It’s been 7 months since he’s been in custody. I do not assess the merits of the activities of the prosecutor’s office and the court. I don’t know, but he deserves a fair trial before an independent tribunal, and what is heard is heard speculations and rumorsthat he is being held in custody in order to break him down and force him to make some political confessions. I want to make it clear that this makes him a de facto political prisoner – said Donald Tusk.

It is obvious that Donald Tusk cares about the debate. He counts on the fact that, regardless of its course, it would be a big, free political promotion for him.

Jarosław Kaczyński, nonetheless, adopted – as it seems to me – the right attitude. Do I have to meet and talk to an unreliable man? – He asked.

The answer is known. Kpiarska: – With Weber. Why not.





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