The incredible physical change of “Raj”, actor of The Big Bang Theory –

Kunal Nayyar played Raj in The Big Bang Theory and after a year of ending the series, his physical change surprised everyone.

Source: The nation

One of the most famous series of recent times was, without a doubt, The Big Bang Theory. After 12 seasons on screen, the sitcom turned very popular with fans, who are attentive to every news that happens in the real life of the characters. That is why, during the last hours, the radical change of Kunal Nayyar, the remembered Raj, left everyone with their mouths open.

Kunal Nayyar, who played the Indian Rajesh Koothrappali, shares on his social networks several images where shows how physically changed. And his figure lies unrecognizable compared to the iconic character.

In one of the photographs, for example, Kunal comes across a look informal, with a cap and he can be seen much thinner, exercising hard in the gym with various sports elements.

In fact, the actor of the series that began in 2007 and ended in the middle of last year made reference to his character and wrote at the bottom of the photograph “No more Raj” next to the hashtag «suspicion» (suspect).

The post quickly went viral and amassed more than 186,000 likes and thousands of comments of users who couldn’t get out of their amazement upon seeing the shocking transformation of the The Big Bang Theory.

But that is not all. In addition to your physical condition, The actor also published an image in which he can be seen relaxed at home.a, with his wide untidy beard and smoking a cigar, lying on the couch, something very different from what any of the fans imagine of «Raj».

The transformation of the actor comes hand in hand with his own goals, since when the series ended he himself confided that he wanted to spend time with his family in India. «I left the country when I was 18 and I never went back but from vacation. I want to spend more time with my parents, go home and be with my mom and dad. That will be my focus now, ”he said.

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