The inventor of the “I love New York”logo died

Mehr New York, Milton Glaser probably not: The Designer invented the world-famous “I love New York”Logo, was a co-founder of the “New York Magazine” and designed the logo for the Brooklyn brewery. In the Bronx Glaser was born from his home city to one of the world’s best-known and most celebrated Designer. In 2009, he received the National Medal of Arts, the most important art award of the American government. On Friday, Glaser is on his 91. Birthday in Manhattan died as the New York Times reported, citing his wife, Shirley. The cause was a stroke, in addition, Glaser did not suffer from kidney failure.

Until recently, Glaser had worked in his office near the Empire State Building – and after decades on the drawing pad on the Computer trying, however, with the help of. “The Computer work is something that I never thought that I would make it time,” he said at an event in the spring of 2018. “I’m not touching the Computer but never. These hands have never touched a Computer.“ Instead, he had an assistant who sat next to him on the Computer and its instructions followed. “This is a very unusual Work, but the results are good.”

Glasers of the world happened more breakthrough in the 70s. The state of New York – not the city – commissioned Glaser thus, the Slogan “I love New York” to visualize. Just 2000 dollars, the young Designer got. “I submitted something Typographic, which was then accepted, but a few days later, I was in a Taxi and thought it should do better,” said Glaser once the German press Agency. “I made a small sketch and the guy again called. He don’t trouble me said: “that is already accepted”, but I insisted to show it to him. So I went into his office, he liked it, and the Commission then rejected what they had already assumed, and the new accepted. The Logo would have seen almost never see the light of the world.“

The Design icon is now an integral part – however, Glaser said: “It was a Job like any other. I know this is a superficial complaint, but I wish that some people knew that I have also done something else, and that if you look at it from the big perspective, the Logo is not a banal work.“ Among other things, theatre, Bars, dishes, fabrics, dozens of corporate logos, posters for the hit series “Mad Men” and a world-renowned Bob Dylan poster, to see the singer in the profile as a black Silhouette with brightly colored hair, designed by Glaser during his long career.

Was born of the Designer 1929 – of course, in New York. “It’s a fantastic city, the only place I want to be.” Already as a small Boy, Glaser began to take drawing lessons. Later, he studied at the Cooper Union University in New York and put in between stays abroad in Italy. Together with friends he founded a Design Studio and got the first orders. Later, he made his own Studio independently.

Again and again, Glaser said in interviews that they would prefer to forever continue to work. “I always say that Retirement is not a terrible conspiracy, made to allow people to remain alive. My God, who invented that?“ he asked, 2019 at the age of 90. Birthday in the “New York Times”. The newspaper, he also said that all his designs would not have served the primary of advertising. It is much more so, that he himself gave the design of all the designs force. The viewer of his works should take away a simple message from it: “to make things keeps you alive.”


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