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The Invisible City: The New Brazilian Horror Series Is On Netflix

The invisible city (Invisible City, Cidade Invisível), a new Brazilian fantasy horror series from Carlos Saldanha, is available in French on Netflix.

The invisible city

For his first live-action series, Carlos Saldanha takes us on the trail of an environmental police officer who discovers an occult world of mythological entities from Brazilian folklore. It all begins when this investigator establishes a link between the corpse of a freshwater dolphin found on a beach in Rio de Janeiro and the death of his beloved wife …

The seven episodes of The Invisible City tackle current and important themes such as the protection of the environment and the safeguard of popular Brazilian culture, while offering an analysis of human relations against a background of myths and thrillers. The series stars Marco Pigossi, Alessandra Negrini, Fábio Lago, Jéssica Córes, Jimmy London, Wesley Guimarães, Áurea Maranhão, Julia Konrad, Thaia Perez, Manu Dieguez, José Dumont, Tainá Medina, Rafael Sieg, Samuel de Assis, and Victor Sparapane.

The invisible city

The invisible city is produced by Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita (Prodigo Films), also starring Caito Ortiz (Prodigo Films), Maresa Pullman (BottleCap Productions) and Marco Anton (Boipeba Filmes) in executive production. Mirna Nogueira holds the post of chief screenwriter. The series is directed by Luis Carone and Julia Jordão, under the general direction of Luis Carone.

The invisible city on Netflix:

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